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Emanoel Lopes
Location: Fortaleza, Ce. Brazil.
Cloning Computer Labs with Clonezilla
"I am a Computer Lab Technician and Clonezilla helps me a lot to keep 6 labs running. When I have to change HDD, SSD, motherboard or just changing position between labs, I clone them. Very fast! In a few minutes the machine is ready to use! All data is transferred remotely using the LAN. I Just downloaded the 3.0.0 version with APFS partclone compatible and It will be good for lab of macs here. Thank you for keeping the project." Emanoel Lopes, 3, Jun, 2022.

Vincent Barrilliot
Location: Strasbourg, France
CloneZilla testimonial
"I have used CloneZilla on several occasions and it never let me down, so I would like to acknowledge my appreciation of if that you can post on the testimonials if you wish to. I wanted to replace the HDD of my wife’s Windows 10 PC with an SSD and gave a go to the Win7 backup tools still available with Windows 10. But Windows 10 failed to create a bootable CD/DVD maybe for reasons related to UEFI. I resorted to CloneZilla and once again, it saved the day. It could backup the HDD to an image on an external drive and restore it to the SSD in 3h very simply by following the instructions. Then installed the SSD and Windows 10 started, everything is perfect now. Thank you !" Vincent Barrilliot, 8, Jan, 2021.
Daniel Rosehill
Location: Daniel Rosehill, Israel
Clonezilla backup
"Clonezilla is my indispensable tool for taking backups of my Linux desktop. I love the fact that it supports encryption, a bunch of remote destinations (and that I can use SSH to copy backups onto my NAS), and that encryption is an option too. I use Timeshift for day to day light system rollbacks, but if anything really goes wrong on my OS, I know that Clonezilla is the heavyweight tool that will get me back in operation. With the help of Clonezilla and Timeshift, my system, which used to require reinstallation about once a year (non-LTE upgrades!), is now in its third year of consistent operation. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that a reliable backup strategy, of which Clonezilla is a cornerstone, has changed the way I compute." Daniel Rosehill, 4 Oct, 2020.
Location: Victoria, Australia
Another testimonial for clonezilla.
"Not sure if you're still collecting them, but I've just used the latest clonezilla live to copy a dual-boot ubuntu and windows 10 laptop to SSD. This didn't take long, and the thing boots into either environment no problems. I didn't have to do anything exotic, just hooked up the new drive in a USB caddy, took the clonezilla defaults in partition mode and off it went. Congrats, this software is awesome. And now I don't have wait a quarter of an hour while windows futzes around with the hard drive every time I have to use it!" Charles, 13 Jul, 2020.
Location: Rolland, Germany
A really mighty tool.
"We just got a 21 year old pick and place machine, running with a special linux-software. First thing I did, was taking out the harddrive to make a backup-copy. Well done! The IDE-drive from 1996 showed a S.M.A.R.T.-Problem and one partition allready had non-readible blocks and would probably crash soon. Normal cloning with Clonezilla was not possible, because it stopped, when the faulty blocks came. After using the expert-mode with some special parameters (i.e. -b), I was able to copy the faulty partition 1 by 1, ignoring the faults. Now the backup-drive is running like the original before. A really mighty tool!" Rolland, 12 Oct, 2019.
Timothy Takemoto
Location: Yamaguchi, Japan
Clonezilla is great. Clone your hard drive using Clonezilla today!
"I tend not to enjoy Windows updates which do little for me other than require me to learn new ways of doing the same things. So I try to get my computers to last forever. For the past twenty years or so I have found that my hard drives wear out after about five years. If however I have backed up my hard drive to another, even as second hand one, then I am ready to swap out my hard drive for the backup. Making a backup using Clonezilla was so easy I don't even need to tell readers anything about how to do it. Burn a CD, put it in your drive, and the wizard takes you through the steps in about 30 minutes. I am now running my computer on the cloned drive after having plugged it into Sata 1. Clonezilla is great. Clone your hard drive using Clonezilla today!". Timothy Takemoto, 23rd April, 2017.
Kevin Reeves
Location: Sacramento, California
Clonezilla was a life saver, I can't imagine what I would have done without it.
"Back in 2010 I made my first website which I used for my business. One day, I woke up and checked my site and noticed that it was offline. The hosting company that I was using was gone. Immediately, I signed up with new hosting. However, the computer that contained my site's files had been wiped off and donated to charity a long time ago. Fortunately, I had backups of the site which I had made using Clonezilla. I restored my entire site using the backup I had made. You can check it at and see that all pages and features work perfectly. Clonezilla was a life saver, I can't imagine what I would have done without it. Thanks for this program and your hard work in making it." - Kevin Reeves, 20, Jun, 2016.
Mike A.
Location: Angeles, California
Thank goodness I had made a back up using Clonezilla.
"I am a webmaster and I manage multiple sites. Recently I encountered a series of bad lucks. My house was flooded and the laptop that contained the sites that I manage was destroyed. Then, the hosting company for one of the sites went offline without notice. Thank goodness I had made a back up using Clonezilla. Had it not been for Clonezilla, I would have been left with no choice but to spend endless hours reconstructing everything. The site is and it has a lot of text and pictures, and all was backed up and restored successfully. Thanks so much for this great program." - Mike A., 28, Aug, 2014.
Charles L.
Location: Tokyo, Japan.
Restores were done very quickly and our site was back up in less than 15 minutes!
"As a webmaster of with thousands of visitor a day, we can't afford any data lost! Our webhost lost all our data once and we are very thankful that we have backups using Clonezilla. Restores were done very quickly and our site was back up in less than 15 minutes! This software is a life-savior!
With Clonezilla, backups and restores can be done easily and quickly with our preferred customizations. This is a brilliant software! No other cloning or imaging software can beat Clonezilla. I wish to thank the developers of Clonezilla for their amazing, flawless product!" - Charles L., 04, July, 2014.
Areeb Yasir
Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
We've found it to be the most customizable to suit our needs.
"Clonezilla is an excellent tool and we've found it to be the most customizable to suit our needs. When it comes to backing up and restoring full images for we've had wonderful success.

Thank you to the Clonezilla team!" -- Areeb Yasir, 01, Jun, 2014.
Haskel Fleisher
Location: Lakewood, New Jersey, USA.
Makes managing all of our virtual workers a breeze.
"As managing director of a large ecommerce site I have to manage many different virtual workers from different locations. These include programmers, designers, people doing data entry and others. It is of most importance that all the workers can be in sync with one another, and have fast, easy, and secure file transfers. I must say that after trying many different programs, that Clonezilla has accomplished this for us and more, it is simply godsend. It has enabled us to program about 20 different computers in the US, India, Russia, the Philippines, and other locations in a very smooth fashion. All I can say is a big Thank You for being the answer to our needs! -- Haskel Fleisher, 21, Jan, 2013.
Christine Staller
Location: New York City, New York, USA.
It's powerful and speedy multicasting capabilities is really what make Clonezilla stand out from all the other softwares around.
"When you work in an industry where you search for the best web hosting companies, everyone is required to get online, and you sometimes need to worry that important files and other secured documents can get affected when virus hits them, which is why you need a very efficient back-up software for all the computers in our office. With Clonezilla, we have about 30 computers and in an instant everything had been cloned! Thanks Clonezilla for providing the best solution out there." -- Christine Staller, 15, Jan, 2012.
For more info on her site, click here.
Tony Cossey
Location: London, United Kingdom.
Without doubt Clonezilla is the leading software to achieve bare metal restores for machines running windows or linux that i have used.
"I had to convert my test bench computer to an upgraded hardware specification and a 64bit version of Linux to run multiple virtual machines via Virtualbox. I cloned and restored 8 virtual machines hosted via Virtualbox open source edition using clonezilla-Live and a local SAMBA server flawlessly, without doubt Clonezilla is the leading software to achieve bare metal restores for machines running windows or linux that i have used, congratulations and thanks to all the team at Clonezilla" -- Tony Cossey, 11, Jan, 2011.
John H
Location: Marquette, Michigan, USA.
Acronis Workstation 10 didn’t work for me. So I tried Clonezilla live instead.
I just installed RHEL 5.5 on an x3650M2 server. I need a bare metal backup / recovery plan. Acronis Workstation 10 didn’t work for me. So I tried Clonezilla live instead. I backed up then restored the hard drive (LVM2 and Grub) and there were no problems. The hard drive restored perfectly. I was amazed.
Clonezilla live is really great!" -- John H., Marquette, Michigan, USA. 01, Oct, 2010.
Aurélien Gasser
Location: Paris, France.
I spent 40mins, including discovering, installing and using Clonezilla : my disk is cloned and working.
"I'm not used to saying that, but that's probably the best piece of software i ever used. Simple, efficient, providing the solution to my problem, saving me probably several days of work. I'd give a special mention to the text interface, question-answer-like, which took me straight to where i wanted to go. i spent 40mins, including discovering, installing and using Clonezilla : my disk is cloned and working. Congratz guys." -- Aurélien Gasser, Paris, France. 24, Apr, 2010.
Wes Kennedy
Location: Tampa Bay area, FL, USA.
Now we can image any PC within our 25 subnets at 20 different offices without traveling to their location.
"I work for a large Health Care company who has around 1700 desktops in our HomeCare division and more than 500 laptops for our nurses. The nurses often manage to mess up the laptops by using them for much more than work so we often have to re-image them. We recently had to image 173 HP Mini’s to distribute to our nurses. Our old procedure would have taken us about 2 months of constant work to get them prepared, so I decided to go out and find a better solution. I built a CloneZilla server based on Fedora 10 and I alone imaged the 173 laptops in 3 days. The only reason it wasn’t any faster was because I didn’t have the physical space to set up more laptops at once for the multicast image. The bonus of having the CloneZilla server is now we can image any PC within our 25 subnets at 20 different offices without traveling to their location. Clonezilla allows us to image from a Samba share!" -- Wes Kennedy, FL, USA. 04 Mar, 2010.
Juergen Chiu
Location: Taipei, Taiwan.
Clonezilla helps me a lot in system backup, recovery and ISO image creating
"In my job, I need to handle different type of system and create the ISO image for customers. Your great tool, Clonezilla, helps me a lot in system backup, recovery and ISO image creating. I only need to download the Clonezilla zip file, and create the bootable usb key in few easy steps, then I can use that key to backup the systems and create the ISO image by the same key. And the key is just the recovery partition as I need. All procedures take me only about 1 hour to finish all stuffs. I love your tool and that is really cover all functions what I need to have in Linux system recovery scope. Clonezilla is the best all-in-one tool that I have never seen before." -- Juergen Chiu, Canonical Ltd. 18 Dec, 2009.
King Beetle
Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA.
Developers, thanks for a great tool!!
"After downloading the ISO, verifying the checksum and burning the ISO to a 200MB mini CD (I love those things!), I booted the Live CD, stepped through the simple menus, and within 15 minutes had completely cloned my Wolvix install on the new drive. A quick edit to GRUB's menu.lst file to point to the install on the new drive, and an edit to /etc/fstab to move the filesystem root and swap to the new drive, and my existing install was now up and running on the new hard drive. After some testing to make sure everything was working properly, I deleted the Wolvix and swap partitions completely from the old 7GB drive. The entire operation took less than an hour." -- King Beetle, Sep, 24, 2009.
For more info, please check King's blog. or this forum.
Location: Newport Beach, California, USA
Clonezilla = Best Free Hard Disk Drive Backup Solution
"Perhaps I should interject by saying that, regarding the NOT-free solutions, I've found that Ghost, along with Image-for-Windows to be the best for-co$t disk-cloning tools. (By 'best' I mean » most reliable.) Ghost is also way faster than any other cloning product I've demo'ed .. if speed is important to you. Lots of people also like True Image, but I had problems with it. (Errors I couldn't resolve.) But what if you can't afford those apps? Then what? We still need an industrial-strength (nuclear-grade) backup tool. Enter Clonezilla. (Standing ovation.)" -- Rad, May, 02, 2009.
For more info, please check Rad's blog.
John Sun
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Clonezilla is an excellent program
"Thank you so much for publishing Clonezilla. It works flawlessly. I manage about 100 computers of various models and setup. I have used Clonezilla for about 2 months; saving imaging of harddrives and using the images to rebuild computers. It has saved me tens of hours already in rebuilding computers. Thanks again." -- John Sun, May, 09, 2009.
William Hinsch
Location: Columbia, SC, USA
Clonezilla makes new school lab
"My daughter attends a private school that operates on an extremely tight budget in order for more parents to be able to afford that school as an option. Recently, a generous donor made it possible to get new low-end computers without software. We set up one master system with Edubuntu and customized it for the school lab. As part of the setup, I needed to not only clone that system to the 19 other systems, but to provide a very simple process for the teachers to be able to restore computers to that image as needed. After evaluating several options, Clonezilla stood out as the easiest and most reliable solution. I was easily able to teach others how to restore systems (the image fits easily on a 2 GB thumb drive), and everyone who has used it is impressed with its speed and ease of use. I thank you, the teachers thank you, and the kids using these computers thank you for making this product freely available." -- William Hinsch, Jan/26/2009.
Steffen Maisch
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Thanks a lot!
"Your Clonezilla program did everything, the commercial programs I had couldn't do. Last week it cloned my Vista installation on a much faster (Velociraptor), but marginally smaller harddisk. None of the other programs were able to downsize a partition. Today it cloned the harddisk of one of my laptops without formatting the new one first. This wouldn't have worked otherwise either, because it wasn't "seen" when being unformatted in an usb case." -- Steffen Maisch , Nov/18/2008.
Mark Binner
Location: Manchester, England.
Clone 20 PCs with a 16GB image using multicasting in 55 minutes.
"Until recently my department used to use Powerquest DeployCenter (quite an old version) for cloning PCs. However, we bought some new Dell 131L laptops with 64-bit processors and the software just doesn't work any more - the laptops just 'hang'. Our manager decided it would be best to buy a hard disk duplicating machine but they are very expensive. With my colleagues I had to install and clone 60 PCs at a school. Thirty of the PCs were Dell desktop machines and thirty were the 131L laptops. The desktop PCs worked OK with the Powerquest software but I persuaded my colleagues to let me try to build a DRBL server because we didn't really want to remove all the hard drives and copy them one at a time in another PC. I had been testing Clonezilla Live CD and was very impressed with the speed and reliability, so I thought using DRBL would be good too. None of us knows much about Linux but the instructions online were good enough to allow us to build a DRBL server using a spare Dell PC and Fedora 6. Well, what can I say? My colleagues and I were delighted by the success of cloning with the DRBL server. We were able to clone 20 PCs with a 16GB image using multicasting in 55 minutes. That is very impressive indeed.
Can you imagine how it would have been trying to copy disk-to-disk individually? A nightmare, I think.It's absolutely fantastic to use. It is more powerful and flexible than anything else that I know of; I've done a lot of research looking for a solution to our cloning problem. I like that you can choose to shut down, reboot or rename PCs after cloning - very clever! " -- Mark Binner. May/28/2007.
Barny Sanchez
Location: Information Systems Security, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA.
Cloned 1084 systems with DRBL.
"So far I have cloned 1084 systems with DRBL. I followed carefully the advise from the website, and using multicasting plus dividing the amount of systems in groups of 80-100 PCs at the time, it has taken me somewhere from 16-38 minutes each turn, using images for various operating systems, averaging 1GB in size. This has reduced the recovery/cloning factor from the previous commercial solution I had, for more than 500%, so you could only imagine how happy my project managers are :-)." -- Barny Sanchez. 06/Oct/2007.
Dave Haakenhout
Location: National Computer Centre Wonen, Netherlands
Clone 3 GB image to 27 machines, the average speed is 2.4 GB/min.
The layout for the Clonezilla environment is listed here. 12/Apr/2007
PS. Some related photos.
Kristian Hermansen
Location: Boston, MA, USA.
Clone 5 GB image to 64 machines in 5 minutes.
"I used Clonezilla in the design of our Cisco Computational Cloud cluster to multicast a 5GB disk image to 64 machines simultaneously. And I did it all in under five minutes! Thanks Clonezilla!!!" -- Kristian Erik Hermansen, Cisco Systems. 11/Sep/2007.
PS. A related talk can be found on

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