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Language file contributors

  • Catalan (ca_ES): René Mérou and Innocent De Marchi.
  • English (en_US): Dylan Pack.
  • German (de_DE): Michael Vinzenz.
  • Spanish (es_ES): Juan Ramón Martínez and Alex Ibáñez López.
  • French (fr_FR): Jean-Francois Nifenecker and Jean Francois Martinez.
  • Italian (it_IT): Gianfranco Gentili.
  • Japanese (ja_JP): Akira Yoshiyama and Annie Wei.
  • Korean (ko_KR): Hyeonmin Oh.
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR): Marcos Pereira da Silva Cruz.
  • Russian (ru_RU): Anton Pryadko and Igor Melnikov.
  • Slovak (sk_SK): Ondrej Dzivy Balucha.
  • Turkish (tr_TR): Ömer YILDIZ.
  • Simplified Chinese (zh_CN): Zhiqiang Zhang and Liang Qi.
  • Traditional Chinese (zh_TW): T. C. Lin.


  • James B. MacLean - Provided the idea and initial patch file for clonezilla box mode
  • Chris Macaulay - Provided the idea and programs to modify MS Win hostname directly in clonezilla after cloning.
  • Jr-Jung Lin and Alvin Su - Provided the idea to restore an image to multiple local disks.
  • Wei-Ji Hsiao - Many useful ideas for using Clonezilla SE.