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The following companies either embed Clonezilla in their products or promote Clonezilla:

Bare Metal Provisioning and Imaging for Linux, Windows & ESX
LinMin develops software (LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning and Imaging) used by IT professionals (data center managers, system administrators) to rapidly prepare, deploy and restore Linux, Windows and ESX servers, blades, PCs and virtual machines. LinMin's core imaging engine is Clonezilla. Popular with hosting companies, corporate data centers, Cloud and SaaS providers, and lab/class/office environments, LinMin is used across all industries around the globe.

LinMin develops and enhances its products in close cooperation with its customers. LinMin's expansive QA labs provide the physical systems and virtual machines necessary to fully qualify LinMin products used for deploying and recovering over 100 combinations of operating systems and architectures.
By offering its products for sale over the Internet and without having to fund a direct sales force, LinMin offers outstanding products at very attractive prices.

eRacks Open Source Systems
eRacks Open Source Systems provides high-performance competitively-priced open source Rackmount Servers, Desktop Computers, as well as a wide array of services including Open Source enterprise migration, security, and network architecture design. eRacks saves you both time and money by combining quality open source enterprise-level software and easily-upgradeable industry-standard components in its rackmount servers.

MIRACLE LINUX is a leading company providing open source solutions & services in Japanese enterprise market.

MIRACLE System savior (MSS) is one of major products which has a simple function and is suitable to take a whole data when a server is installed. Particularly, MSS is available for complicated technologies such as Server Virtualization, SAN Boot and virtual I/O, Clusters.

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