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lite server BT from dev : Run a Clonezilla lite server to do massive deployment from raw device via bittorrent mechanism
  1. Boot the machine via Clonezilla live
  2. The boot menu of Clonezilla live
  3. Here we choose 800x600 mode, after pressing Enter, you will see Debian Linux booting process
  4. Choose language
  5. Choose keyboard layout
  6. Choose "Start Clonezilla"
  7. Choose "lite-server" option
  8. Mount the image repository.
  9. Choose the massive deployment mode using BT from raw device mode.
  10. Select source disk.
Mount the image repository.
Although in this scenario, there is no need to take an image, yet still we have to mount the image repository so that the temporary image for BT from device mode can be saved. This "pseudo" image only contains some metadata files, and it contains no real data from the device /dev/sda.
The best choice here is to choose "ram_disk" option to assign the RAM disk as the image home since it's usually faster then local disk or any other options:

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