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Screen session with PXE : Run unattended Clonezilla live via PXE booting and the process can be remotely monitored
  1. Run Clonezilla in screen session so you can access remotely to monitor the progress.
Run Clonezilla in screen session so you can access remotely to monitor the progress.
  1. First, you have to setup a PXE server. You may refer to this doc.
  2. We'd like to change the default password ("live") to another one, e.g. "iloveclonezilla". By running this on GNU/Linux (e.g. Clonezilla live) command line prompt:
    echo iloveclonezilla | mkpasswd -s
    Then you get the encrypted password "Kb/VNchPYhuf6", so later we can use usercrypted=Kb/VNchPYhuf6. We want Clonezilla to restore the image "lenny-i386-partclone" (which is on a NFS server) to client's disk hda. The complete session of Clonezilla live

    label Clonezilla-live
    MENU LABEL Clonezilla Live 2.2.2-37 (Ramdisk)
    KERNEL vmlinuz1
    APPEND initrd=initrd1.img boot=live union=aufs nolocales vga=788 ip= noprompt usercrypted=Kb/VNchPYhuf6 fetch=tftp:// ocs_daemonon="ssh" keyboard-layouts=NONE ocs_live_batch="no" locales="en_US.UTF-8" ocs_prerun="mount -t nfs /home/partimag" ocs_live_run="screen ocs-sr -g auto -e1 auto -e2 --batch -j2 -p reboot restoredisk lenny-i386-partclone hda"


  3. Then after client machine is booted via PXE, you can ssh login into it with account user and passwd "iloveclonezilla", then:
    1. sudo -i
    2. screen -x
    You are in the screen session now. You should be able to see the restoring process before it's rebooted.

For more boot parameters, please refer to this doc.

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