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This release of Clonezilla live (3.1.1-27) includes major enhancements and bug fixes.

ENHANCEMENTS and CHANGES from 3.1.0-22

  • The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2023/Nov/02).
  • Linux kernel was updated to 6.5.8-1.
  • Language files ca_ES, de_DE, el_GR.UTF-8, es_ES, fr_FR, ja_JP, pl_PL, sk_SK, and tr_TR were updated. Thanks to René Mérou, Michael Vinzenz, Stamatis Mavrogiorgis, Juan Ramón Martínez, Jean-Francois Nifenecker, Akira Yoshiyama, Kris, Ondrej Dzivy Balucha, and Volkan Gezer.
  • Partclone was updated to 0.3.27. Options --read-direct-io and --write-direct-io are available.
  • Package ezio was updated to 2.0.5. Some improvements from 2.0.3: * show version when running. * show save_path instead of name. * Torrent is larger than 4MB.
  • Packages acpitool, ntfs2btrfs, zfsutils-linux, and vim (not vim-tiny) are included in the live system.
  • Package mlocate was replaced by plocate.
  • Support an extra dir "root" for the root fs with grub reinstallation. This is for the case that Fedora >= 38 uses an extra dir "root" for root file system, i.e., /root/ under the root partition. Older system just puts the dirs (boot, usr, var, lib) in the / of root file system. Thanks to Bob Bobsled for reporting this issue. Ref:
  • Add option "-edio" in the TUI wizard, which is used to enable direct IO when using Partclone to save or restore NVMe SSD.
  • ocs-park-disks: only park HDD, not SSD.
  • Since grub commands "linux/initrd" works for uEFI boot, no matter it's secure boot or not. Just use them, not using linuxefi/initrdefi.
  • Improved the mechanism for the reserved word name "all" when in the restoredisk/restoreparts mode. The reserved name "unmounted_disk" and "unmounted_parts" for restoredisk and restoreparts modes were added, respectively. Thanks to ottokang for this bug report.
  • Add the mechanism for multicast deployment from raw devices. Note: The options -bdt and -bsdf of ocs-live-feed-img are deprecated. They are replaced by -cdt and -csdf, it means cast (including bittorrent and multicast), not only for bittorrent only.
  • Default to use -z9p (parallel zstd compression) in the TUI when saving an image.
  • ocs-live-feed-img: implement options -ssnf & -iui. Ref:
  • Allow bt_restoredisk mode to restore image to different device name. Ref:
  • Show disk ID path in the disk info.
  • When ocs_screen_blank="no" is assigned in the boot parameters, the console won't blank.
  • Memtest86+ was updated to v6.20. Thanks to ottokang.
  • Allow choosing NIC in lite server mode when multiple network cards exist. Thanks to Date Huang and Nate Carr for asking this. Ref:


  • Cloning paritition loop for multiple LVs. Thanks for all the bug reporters. Ref:
  • ocs-resize-part: workaround to avoid fatresize bug. A workaround to avoid fatresize 1.1.0 bug. We do not extend it to the boundary. Just try to resize it smaller. Ref: