The Free and Open Source Software for Disk Imaging and Cloning

This release of Clonezilla live (20161024-yakkety) includes major enhancements and bug fixes.


  • The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Ubuntu Yakkety (16.10) repository (as of 2016/Oct/24).
  • Linux kernel was updated to 4.8.0-26.28.
  • Remove "nodmraid" from boot parameters in drbl-ocs.conf. Now fakeraid/firmware raid is supported.
  • Language files hu_HU, ja_JP.UTF-8, de_DE, fr_FR, it_IT, and es_ES was updated. Thanks to Greg Marki, Akira YOSHIYAMA, Michael Vinzenz, Jean-Francois Nifenecker, Gianfranco Gentili, Juan Ramón Martínez and Alex Ibáñez López.
  • The drbl/clonezilla live version info will be put in /etc/ocs/ocs-live.conf, and when an image is saved, the info will be saved in Info-packages.txt.
  • Applied patches from Aaron Burling, so now when mounting image repository, it is able to browse the directories recursively.
  • Force to make timeout of dhclient as 60 secs. Debian uses 60, but Ubuntu uses 300. Too long. Thanks to Cecile, Adam (Adam.Cecile _at_ hitec lu) for reporting this.
  • Add mechanism to detect bitlocker and Microsoft Reserved Partition (MSR) in ocs-get-part-info.
  • Add options -sfsck and -senc in the Clonezilla live interactive menu for saving image modes. Thanks to Aaron Burling (aaron_burling _at_ lkstevens wednet edu) for this idea.
  • Ask the post action (choose, reboot, poweroff) before starting cloning. Thanks to Aaron Burling (aaron_burling _at_ lkstevens wednet edu) for this idea.
  • Add entry points by using boot parameters ocs_savedisk_prerun, ocs_saveparts_prerun, ocs_restoredisk_prerun, and ocs_restoreparts_prerun in ocs-sr. Thanks to Aaron Burling (aaron_burling _at_ lkstevens wednet edu) for these ideas.
  • Boot parameter ocs_overwrite_postaction has higher priority than the action assigned by option "-p" in ocs-sr, and "-pa" in ocs-onthefly. The value for ocs_overwrite_postaction is: [choose|reboot|poweroff]-on-[restoredisk|restoreparts|savedisk|saveparts|clone] E.g., choose-on-restoredisk means the postaction for restoredisk will always be choose no matter what is assigned in -p of ocs-sr or -pa of ocs-onthefly. Thanks to Aaron Burling (aaron_burling _at_ lkstevens wednet edu) for this idea.
  • Now ocs-live-preload checks if /opt/{overwrite-all-boot-param,overwrite-part-boot-param} exists (Downloaded from root of ocs_preload). File overwrite-all-boot-param is to overwrite the whole /proc/cmdline, while overwrite-part-boot-param only overwrites part of the variables in /proc/cmdline. Especially those "ocs_*" parameters. Thanks to Aaron Burling (aaron_burling _at_ lkstevens wednet edu) for this idea and providing sample codes.

  • Packages dislocker, ext4magic, myrescue, os-prober, powertop were added.


  • Inform kernel partition changes only when disk is not busy. This should solve the issue:
  • Replace boot parameter noprompt with noeject since live-boot >= v3 uses noeject, not noprompt.
  • Live-boot failed to mount vfat device as the boot media for Clonezilla live. Thanks to Little Vulpix for reporting this issue. Ref:
  • Failed to create the checksum files for files in LV, i.e., when option "-gmf" or "-cmf" is enabled. Thanks to Mircea Dan. Ref:
  • Change /proc/sys/vm/highmem_is_dirtyable to 1 when running i686 Linux kernel and the RAM size is larger than 8 GB. Thanks to Little Vulpix for this suggestion. Ref:
  • Clean file system/LVM info before creating partition table. Thanks to Mircea Dan (byreal _at_ users sf net) and Pete Morris (morrispj _at_ jmu edu) for reporting this issue. Ref:
  • Disable service systemd-timesyncd. Clonezilla live should not change the system time. Thanks to Rick and rfried for reporting this issue. Ref: