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  1. The French keymap is broken in "Select keymap from arch list". i.e.
    1. Select keymap from arch list
    2. azerty
    3. French
    4. Same as X11 (latin 1) You will fail in: Looking for keymap to install: NONE

If you are using French Keymap, Remember to use "Select keymap from full list"

  1. Select keymap from full list
  2. pc / azerty / French / Same as X11 (latin 9) /Standard and you will get the right one: Looking for keymap to install: fr-latin9

If you want to reconfigure keymap, just run: "kbd-config" or "dpkg-reconfigure console-common"

For more info, check this:

2. "ioctl: LOOP_SET-FS: Invalid Argument" problem when running ocs-iso/ocs-live-dev to create a customized clonezilla live. This is a bug in aufs and loopback fs.

To avoid this, do not using the working dir in aufs. i.e. you can mount a local dev or sshfs, say as /mnt, then "cd /mnt" to run "#sudo /opt/drbl/sbin/ocs-live-dev -g en -k NONE -s -c -m ./custom-ocs".

3. Creating recovery iso/zip function won't work if the Clonezilla live is booted in PXE or using "ToRAM" option.

4. Russian keymap is not working well: